Vintage Synthpop

Vintage Synthpop

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Nostalgic chord progressions, chunky guitar licks, analogue-infused bass loops, live bass guitar jams and modern beats – “Vintage Synthpop” delivers 900 Mb+ of expansive and nostalgia-driven sounds for Synthwave and Synth Pop productions.

Drawing inspiration from late 80s to modern day sound, “Vintage Synthpop” is carefully curated collection of loops and samples suitable for producing single tracks, scoring TV soundtracks or filling your multimedia needs.

Packed with expertly produced bass loops, stripped drum loops, funky guitar workouts, melodic synth progressions, robotic vocal phrases, body-moving top loops, single drum and synth sounds, FX loops and massive collection of MIDI files for additional layering and re-programming.

Served with WAV, MIDI & Rex2 formats, this collection is ready for drag and drop action into any DAW or sampler.

Time to turn back the clock, roll up our cream suit sleeves and get busy with a 900 Mb of ’80s chart-ready dance music loops, hits and MIDI. In the retrospective of the big phones era, robots take the mic and rock out phrases as lace-gloved fingers prod at variety of analogue keyboards for your amusement. It makes for a welcome trip down memory lane, if you lived through it. Or, a history lesson for young bucks wanting to add a fake nostalgic flourish to their modern day beats.

Computer Music Magazine Verdict:


• 65 Bass Loops
• 30 Drum Hits
• 25 Stripped Drum Loops
• 15 FX Loops
• 20 Guitar Loops
• 10 Robotic Vocal Loops
• 20 Single Synth Sounds
• 75 Synth Loops
• 25 Top Loops
• 140 MIDI Loops

All loops are in WAV & Rex2 format, tempo & key-labelled.

Download size – 850 Mb


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