Retrotronica 2

Retrotronica 2

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2nd installment of ‘Retrotronica’ delivers 10 nostalgia-driven song starting kits for Synthwave and Synthpop productions.

Punchy beats, melancholic arpeggios, live bass guitar licks, poly synth grooves, vintage chords, dusty keys and more! Spread across 10 fully mixed and mastered construction kits, ‘Retrotronica 2’ brings you back in time and provides with instant inspiration to kick-start your next 80’s influenced project.

Hop in to this time machine and explore expertly crafted nostalgic, analogue and vintage sounds now!

‘Retrotronica 2’ comes packed with 10 construction kits and MIDI files included for maximum re-programming ease. Just fire up your favorite synth plugin and layer the sounds together as you want to.

Served with WAV & Rex2 formats – this collection is ready for instant drag & drop action into any DAW or sampler.

The theme of this latest construction kit library (in WAV, Live and Reason Refill formats) seems to be a slightly vague combination of acoustic/electric instrumentation and analogue synths, with the emphasis placed on the former. We have ten well-produced loop-based ‘songs’ that media producers will find incredibly useful but musicians won’t get as much mileage out of, as all the parts (MIDI and audio) are designed to work together. That’s not to say that there aren’t ad hoc treasures to be plundered, particularly among the percussion loops and hits.

Computer Music Magazine Verdict:


„Feel the vibe of the Synthwave“ should be the credo of the Retrotronica 2 sample collection from Bingoshakerz. There are ten construction kits in total, of which the individual stems are available as audio files and as MIDI tracks. Unfortunately there are no single samples. Here and there, one is immediately reminded of Miami Vice, be it by the iconic shuffling basslines, the harmonic pads, the nostalgic chord progressions or the leisurely tempo of 90 to 120 BPM. One of the kits is also reminiscent of Bronski Beat. The beats are okay and fit the spirit of the time. They are complemented by arpeggios wandering in the stereo image, pleasantly filtered lead chords and guitars.

The 450 MB of Retrotronica Vol. 2 is recommended to all who favor the vintage sound of the Synthwave and want to access ready-made construction kits. The MIDI files provide the flexibility. Highlights are the inspiring Neon Melodies.

Beat Magazine Verdict:


• 10 Construction Kits (MIDI files included)

All loops are in WAV & Rex2 format, tempo & key-labelled.

Download size – 760 Mb


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