Variavision Interview

It’s time for another studio talk and this time we catch up with our in-house producers – Variavision.

Tell us more about yourself. When & how did you started to produce your music.

Nicola – We started this project back in 2009, and it’s formed by Nicola Zucchi, Christian Lena and Gianluca Tavaroli. We all met in Christian’s studio and since then – producing the music all together.

Let’s talk about your equipment. What’s your studio set-up? What is your preferred gear of choice or are you primarily working in the box?

Gianluca – Most of our work are done on Logic X or Ableton. Our sound comes from Focal monitors. Only a few years ago we’ve been crazy about the analog gear and we all been using hardware machines as much as possible. Right now our studio set-up includes machines such as Micro Korg, Electribe SX, Roland TR8, Korg Micro X, Volca Sample or Kaosspad. Our go-to synth now are Korg Micro X and Roland TR8. It’s always more fun to touch and play with a real instrument rather than tweak a sound on Vst.

How do you normally start your new project?

Technically all our projects starts with a basic, custom made templates with channel groups for drums, synths, bass and FX sends for reverb, delay or compression.

Sometimes we get our inspiration from old records, catchy melodies or beautiful vocal hooks and then we start with our arrangement from there.

One piece of kit or plug-in you can’t live without? Why?

Gianluca – Sonnox Limiter and Fabfilter EQ

The Limiter from Sonnox is just perfect, transparent and clean.

The EQ from Fabfilter is really easy and efficient, perfect way to clean your sound or adjust frequencies.

What’s the best production advice you’ve ever received?

Christian – “Close your eyes, listen the to mix and compare it to the other tracks.” 

Nicola – “Get inspiration from the past and transpose it to the future.” 

Gianluca – “Always follow your heart.” 


Variavision Production & Productivity Tips

Mixing : Find the right balance between your kick drum and bass, it’s crucial for the track.

Mastering: Get yourself a pair of  good studio monitors and acoustic treatment for your room.

Productivity: Get some rest. Coffee-breaks, listening to other music always helps to refresh your minds and productivity.

Variavision TOP 3:


Waves – API 2500
T-Racks – Classic Compressor
Waves – SSL compressor


Fabfilter – Fabfilter EQ
DMG Audio – Equilibrium
Waves – Pultec EQ


Arturia  – Minimoog
Lennar Digital – Sylenth1
reFX – Nexus


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