Stephane Deschezeaux Interview


This time we catch up with french DJ and producer Stephane Deschezeaux to talk about his favorite gear, music production process and the plugins he loves the most.

Stephane is a successful DJ, producer and Nu Disco / Indie-Dance record label manager. With over 80 official releases since 2012 – his Springbok Records has reached chart positions in many major download stores worldwide.

Tell us more about yourself. When & how did you started to produce your music.

Started back in 1995, at that time I was a DJ and broadcaster in local radio station here in France. I had a huge collection of vinyls and a passion about music production. Soon after that, I sold my vinyl collection in order to buy my first synthesizer ever – Korg ‘M1’ and the things just took from there.

Let’s talk about your equipment. What’s your studio set-up? What is your preferred gear of choice or are you primarily working in the box?

Most of my work are done in Logic Pro X, I also own Ensoniq ‘ASR10’ sampler, Korg ‘Microkorg’ and Roland JX-3P synthesizers. I use many synth-soft from Arturia – like Prophet 5 or Minimoog. Komplete 10 from Native Instruments does the job for me as well.

How do you normally start your new project?

I’m taking my inspiration from other records and then starting my projects with a solid drums and bass, then moving forward to nice arrangement all around. If it’s a remix for a vocal track, most important thing for me is to define genre I want to work with and then build a nice bass melody and chords all around the vocal. I always use a reference track, which serves as guide to establish the mix and the structure of my track.

One piece of kit or plug-in you can’t live without? Why?

There are a lot of them, which are essential for me, but probably could not live without Waves and iZotope plugins. They are allowing me to polish my track sound in the mixing process before it goes to the final stage – mastering.

What’s the best production advice you’ve ever received?

Take a break. It’s important to keep your head fresh all the time. Do not rush things – if you’re not 100% sure about your composition – leave it for a while, work on other project and return with a new ear later.


Stephane Deschezeaux Production & Productivity Tips

Mixing / Mastering – Use only a good quality audio material for your compositions.

Mixing / Mastering – Watch your levels, listen to the project at low level, it’s easier to recognize bad frequencies in your mix that way.

Mixing / Productivity – Mix your track while you’re composing, do not leave everything for the last minute.

Stephane Deschezeaux TOP 3:


Softube Compressors (all of them)

Waves – H-Comp

Flux – Pure Compressor


Brainworx – Bx-dyn EQ

Softube – Active EQ

iZotope – Ozone EQ


GForce – Minimonsta

AAS – Ultra Analog

Lennar Digital – Sylenth1


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