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  • Techno Bundle Collection


    Introducing “Techno” bundle – ultimate 3.1 Gb collection of sounds and samples for Techno productions.

    “Techno” bundle features our finest sample packs at the bargain price! Save over 50% now!

    Progressive Techno by David Granha

    This pack is filled with analogue-infused, gritty & sub-melting bass loops, stripped beats, ripped music kits for maximum ease of use, groovy top & percussion workouts, lush & off-beat pads, arps, industrial chords and a prime selection of FX sounds.

    Industrial Techno

    Packed with 1 Gb of essential Hard Techno loops this collection features rough bass loops, dark atmospheres, heavily distorted beats, dirty melodics, tech-driven top loops and more.

    Melodic & Dark Tech Progressions

    Loaded with crackling and atmospheric backgrounds loops, bass loops, stripped pumping beats, modular synth melodics, percussion & top loops, FX and drum hits.

    Raw Techno by Marcal

    Industrial tech-driven sounds, rough song-starting beats, dark textures and underground synths – ‘Raw Techno’ by Marcal delivers 1 Gb of pumping Techno grooves.

  • Tech House Bundle Collection


    Introducing “Tech House” bundle – ultimate 3.9 Gb collection of sounds and samples for House and Funky House productions.

    “Tech House” bundle features our finest sample packs at the bargain price! Save over 50% now!

    Grooving House

    ‘Grooving House’ is jam-packed with 1.4 Gb of content, from deep subs, wobbling bass loops, jacking drum beats, percussion & top grooves to melodic synth hooks, analogue sequences, rich instrument & raw stab sounds.

    Signature Tech House by Joe Red

    Pulsating tech-driven bass, live ambience and background sounds, stripped pumping beats, classic stabs and modular synths – Joe Red opens his production vault and delivers 700 Mb+ collection of sounds and samples for mainroom tech house productions.

    Downtown Tech V.2

    Jacking tech grooves, wonky beats, sub-heavy bass loops, punchy kicks, melodic workouts and chopped vocals – ‘Downtown Tech V.2’ is packed with perfectly crafted raw and pumping sounds influenced by chart topping productions.

    Mainroom Tech House

    Loaded with 10 construction kits this collection features booming sub grooves, mainroom beats, catchy melodic hooks, classic key and organ loops, body-moving top and percussion sounds, effects and MIDI files for instant and easy sounds layering.

  • Synthwave Bundle Collection


    Introducing “Synthwave” bundle – ultimate 3.8 Gb collection of sounds and samples for Synthwave productions.

    “Synthwave” bundle features our finest sample packs at the bargain price! Save over 50% now!

    Synthwave 2

    ‘Synthwave 2’ is an 80s inspired sample pack featuring retro synths and vintage beats. Packed with pure old-school loops and one-shots, as well as MIDI files for maximum re-programming ease.

    Outrun Drive

    Featuring fat and analog bass loops, lush pads, melodic synth and lead sounds, soaring guitars, dreamy bells, poly-arps, beats and FX – ‘Outrun Drive’ is a perfect fit for your next track production or a soundtrack to score.


    Poly-synths, nostalgia-driven chord progressions, lush pads, iconic bass and beat loops – ‘Retrotronica’ delivers 10 super-charged song starting construction kits for Synthwave productions.

    Retrotronica 2

    Punchy beats, melancholic arpeggios, live bass guitar licks, poly synth grooves, vintage chords, dusty keys and more! Spread across 10 fully mixed and mastered construction kits, ‘Retrotronica 2’ brings you back in time and provides with instant inspiration to kick-start your next 80’s influenced project.

  • House Bundle Collection


    Introducing “House” bundle – ultimate 2.9 Gb collection of sounds and samples for House and Funky House productions.

    “House” bundle features our finest sample packs at the bargain price! Save over 50% now!

    Tech Funk House 3 by Earth n Days

    ‘Tech-Funk House 3’ by Earth n Days is loaded with bass-heavy loops, filtered synth grooves, body-moving percussion and top loops, pitched and processed vocals, drum fills, FX loops and so much more.

    Funky House Essentials by Jonk & Spook

    Loaded with groovin’ bass loops, classic synth grooves, diverse melodics, warm keys, jacking house beats, percussion and top loops, FX, drum hits and much more.

    This is Jacking House by Jo Paciello

    From cutting-edge low end loops, punchy beats and percussive-workouts to melodic chord progressions, chunky guitar licks, filtered grooves and FX. This pro-crafted collection is loaded with sounds and samples to inspire!

    House Sessions by 84Bit

    Packed with sub-based and FM bass loops, solid drum beats, classic stabs, vintage chords, M1 piano grooves and soulful rhodes, punchy kick drums, drum hits, percussive workouts and more!

  • Hip Hop & Trap Bundle Collection


    Introducing “Hip Hop & Trap” bundle – ultimate 3.2 Gb collection of sounds and samples for Hip Hop & Trap productions.

    “Hip Hop & Trap” bundle features our finest sample packs at the bargain price! Save over 50% now!

    Urban Trap

    Booming 808 sounds and beats, inspirational melodics, dark textures, low-end bass and smooth drums – ‘Urban Trap’ delivers 600Mb+ of primed sounds for Hip-Hop and Trap productions.

    Trap & Hip-Hop Trax

    Ground-shaking 808 sounds, synth melodics, melancholic keys, punchy drums and woodwind instrument sounds – ‘Trap & Hip-Hop Trax’ delivers 14 song-starting construction kits for Trap & Hip-Hop productions.

    Trap Tales

    Dusty melodic keys, floating guitar loops, tape-saturated beats, oozing 808 sub-grooves, lush atmospheric pads and crackling piano sounds – ‘Trap Tales’ delivers over 650 Mb of melancholic late-night sounds for Trap and Hip Hop productions.

    Trap & Hip-Hop Trax 2

    Packed with 700 Mb of ground shaking 808 sounds, sublime melodics, warm chord and key progressions, dreamy synth and pluck loops, vintage vinyl and stab grooves, crisp hats, punchy snares and beats – ‘Trap & Hip-Hop Trax 2’ offers tremendous inspiration for any beat maker!

  • Funk & Disco Bundle Collection


    Introducing “Funk & Disco” bundle – ultimate 1.7 Gb collection of sounds and samples for Funk, Boogie and Disco productions.

    “Funk & Disco” bundle features our finest sample packs at the bargain price! Save over 50% now!

    Rare Funk Collection 2 by Stephane Deschezeaux

    ‘Rare Funk Collection 2′ by Stephane Deschezeaux is packed with vintage & analogue bass loops, authentic Disco chord & brass hits, punchy drum & top loops, drum fills, Funky guitar licks & loops, bright piano sounds, inspirational synth & leads loops, groovin’ percussion, single drum hits, FX and MIDI.

    Ultimate Funk Collection by Stephane Deschezeaux

    570 Mb+ of chunky beats, soulful piano & clavinet sounds, red-hot funk guitar loops & licks, sizzling synth & shimmering pad loops, funkin’ bass loops, groovy percussion, FX & talkbox vocal phrases.

    Ultimate Funk Collection 2 by Stephane Deschezeaux

    Loaded with funk-infused grooves this collection is packed with bursting drum beats, slamming fills, lush leads and synths, punchy drum hits, warm keys, modular arpeggios, chunky guitars, prime brass loops, funkin’ pianos and more.

    Funk & Boogie Sounds by Stephane Deschezeaux

    From live bass guitar jams and FM grooves, chunky guitar licks and era-inspired vintage keys to body-moving beats, groovy synth progressions and soulful vocals.

  • Ambient & Downtempo Bundle Collection


    Introducing “Ambient & Downtempo” bundle – ultimate 3.1 Gb collection of sounds and samples for Ambient, Downtempo and Lo-Fi productions.

    “Ambient & Downtempo” bundle features our finest sample packs at the bargain price! Save over 50% now!

    Abstract Lo-Fi

    Downtempo beats, dusty keys, lush pads, intergalatic atmospheres and melancholic guitars – ‘Abstract Lo-Fi’ delivers beautifully crafted material for Downtempo, Ambient & Lo-Fi productions.

    Abstract Lo-Fi 2

    Dusty beats, vinyl crackles, tape saturated hypnotic synths, lush pads, warm keys, beautiful lead guitar sessions and so much more – ‘Abstract Lo-Fi 2‘ is jam-packed with inspirational Lo-Fi grooves.

    Abstract Lo-Fi 3

    Spread across between five fully mixed construction kits, ‘Abstract Lo-Fi 3’ is loaded with live bass loops, dusty, tape-saturated melodics, vintage lead and synth sounds, hypnotizing and laidback keys, ambience sounds and much more.

    Melodic Lo-Fi Worx

    Laid back lo-fi beats, expressive keys, solid sub grooves and soulful melodics – ‘Melodic Lo-Fi Worx’ delivers 450 Mb of cutting-edge sounds and samples for Lo-Fi, Downtempo and Ambient productions.

  • Afro & Tribal House Bundle Collection


    Introducing “Afro & Tribal House” bundle – ultimate 2.8 Gb collection of sounds and samples for Afro & Tribal House productions.

    “Afro & Tribal House” bundle features our finest sample packs at the bargain price! Save over 50% now!

    MoBlack Records Presents: Afro House Collection

    Packed with a prime selection of sounds including deep, warm & analogue bass loops, background noise & atmospheres, epic drums & beats, tribal-infused percussion & top loops, ethno-grooves, unique vocals, FX and a massive stack of single drum hits.

    MoBlack Records Presents: Afro House Collection 2

    Loaded with sub-heavy bass loops, pumping drums, body-moving percussion and top loops, track starting grooves, authentic ethnic sounds, FX and superb selection of drum hits – ‘Afro House Collection 2’ by MoBlack Records delivers pristine quality material suitable for any electronic dance music producer.

    Afro & Melodic House 2 by Lowton Records

    Loaded with 10 fully mixed and mastered construction kits this collection delivers 1 Gb+ of moog-ish sounds, pro-crafted ethnic beats, driving sequences, effects and essential MIDI parts for maximum re-programming and layering ease.

    Tribal Ethnic House

    Tribal-infused rhythms, ethnic instrument sounds, grooving beats, FX and more – ‘Tribal Ethnic House’ delivers 800 Mb of essential sounds and samples for Afro & Deep House productions.

  • Jonk & Spook Presents Funky House Essentials 2


    Jonk & Spook returns with 2nd installment of Funky House Essentials.

    Funky House Essentials 2 delivers ultimate sounds and samples for Jacking, Funky or Tech House productions. Loaded with 500 Mb+ of grooving elements, this collection brings the finest deep and garage bass loops, crunchy drum fills, snappy claps, thumbing beats, chunky guitar riffs, moving piano chords, classy stabs, percussion and jacking top grooves, FX loops and more.

    Produced by Traxsource chart-toppers Jonk & Spook (Milk & Sugar, SJS, InStereo Records, Pornostar), Funky House Essentials 2 is an uncompromising collection for any Funky and Tech House producer!

    Fire up your studio speakers with instant funky and jacking grooves now!

    Served with WAV & Rex2 formats – this collection is ready for instant drag & drop action into any DAW or sampler.

  • Organic Jazzy Downtempo


    Dreamy synths, jazzy melodics, warm piano keys, lush pads, live saxophone and trumpet sounds, sublime guitar loops, snappy drum hits and more – Organic Jazzy Downtempo delivers 1.5 Gb of laid back ambient and downtempo grooves for a perfect evening chill production or a soundtrack to score.

    Organic Jazzy Downtempo offers wide assortment of expressive melodies, inspiring woodwind instrumentals, crunchy beats and tasteful percussive work-outs for timeless Jazz and Downtempo inspired productions.

    Spread across between 10 fully mixed construction kits, Organic Jazzy Downtempo is loaded with prime sounds and samples to provide your productions with an instant organic warmth and human touch feel.

    Each construction kit offers full mixes and all components broken out into constituent parts for maximum programming ease including MIDI files.

    Served with WAV, Rex2 and MIDI formats – this collection is ready for instant drag & drop action into any DAW or sampler.

  • Synthpop Song Starters


    Drawing inspiration from late 80s electronica, dusting off retro synths and tape-machines – Synthpop Song Starters delivers modern song starting kits soaked with nostalgia-driven sounds.

    Analogue synth riffs, blazing bass grooves, melodic chord progressions, tape-saturated beats and more, Synthpop Song Starters is packed to the brim with authentic 80s era inspired sounds and samples for your next soundtrack to score.

    Synthpop Song Starters comes packed with 10 construction kits and MIDI files included for maximum re-programming ease. Just fire up your favorite synth plugin and layer the sounds together as you want to.

    Served with WAV & Rex2 formats – this collection is ready for instant drag & drop action into any DAW or sampler.

    Pop on them rose-tinted specs, dust off your ARP Odyssey and Prophet 5, and jet back to the ’80s. The pioneering electronica that came out of that era is honoured here, with tape machine-warmed drums and synth lines as sharp as Sheffield steel tucked in amongst the rest of the quality offerings in the 10 construction kits that hold the pack together.

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  • Warehouse Techno


    Heavy-machine beats, analogue bass loops, melodic synths, industrial tech chords, modular sequences, dark drones and more – “Warehouse Techno” delivers an expansive 2.6 Gb collection of sounds for Industrial and Melodic Techno productions.

    This bespoke collection of raw and underground loops features wide sonic arsenal of sounds. From deep low-end grooves, crispy claps and hats, pounding kicks and slamming drum loops to twisted arpeggio loops, moody analogue chords, melodic synth progressions, tech-percussion workouts, weird drones and vocal loops.

    MIDI files are not ignored either, packed with 140 additional MIDI files for instant layering within your own sounds.

    All sounds are presented in standard WAV & Rex2 formats and ready to be loaded into any DAW or sampler.

    Slamming techno samples built for their spiritual home. This 2GB+ set of drums, vocals, basslines, MIDI and music loops, all bang like the proverbial. And they have been made using a vicious collection of big and brashly real-world bits of kit, for only the rawest and most authentic sounds. The bottom-end comes out swinging, and each and every kick and clap will leave a mark on your cheeks. The chords are thick and dark, the synths moody and magical. And the hundreds of loops and hits combine into a deadly arsenal of roof-raising audio.

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