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  • Soulful & Tech House Vocals 2

    $15.95 $7.95

    ‘Soulful & Tech House Vocals 2’ is packed with over 400 MB of deep, rich, soulful & Tech vocal chops. This pack by Variavision is primed for any sub-genre of House music.

    From harmonic, emotive toplines, pitched-down vocal phrases & stuttering chops to glitched, gritty tech-vox loops, this collection is perfectly crafted for instant drag & drop action.

    Totaling 182 vocal chops & loops, ‘Soulful & Tech House Vocals 2’ is the perfect choice for any House music producer.

    If you’re looking for extra vocal hooks to spice up your own productions, look no further than ‘Soulful & Tech Vocals 2’.

    Vocal loops are presented at 120 and 125 BPM.

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  • Stephane Deschezeaux: Rare Funk Collection 2

    $19.95 $8.95

    ‘Stephane Deschezeaux: Rare Funk Collection 2′ is packed with vintage & analogue bass loops, authentic Disco chord & brass hits, punchy drum & top loops, drum fills, Funky guitar licks & loops, bright piano sounds, inspirational synth & leads loops, groovin’ percussion, single drum hits, FX and MIDI.

    Stephane Deschezeaux is a real Funk & Nu Disco veteran with over 20 years of music production experience, multiple chart topping releases and successful head-honcho of Springbok record label.

    This collection has been perfectly crafted by Stephane Deschezeaux and The Family’s Jam who recorded live guitar licks & loops making this collection even more unique.

    It’s all about that magical ’70s Funk sound. Look no further and bring that instant Funk groove to your productions now.

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  • Variavision pres. Classic Nu House


    ‘Variavision: Classic Nu House’ is packed with sub-melting low-end loops, from filthy-low subs and analogue mid-range hoppers to classic stabs, funky leads, lush and atmospheric pads. This collection also features warm Rhodes pianos and poly synth strings.

    If you’re looking for solid bottom-end and drum sounds, ‘Variavision: Classic Nu House’ covers your needs by offering nice selection of kick, clap, percussion and top loops. Unique, pitched and processed vocal hooks makes this collection a must for any House music producer.

    Bring back the Funk with this expansive collection of primed, floor-filling sounds now.

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  • Compact Series: Layered Deep Tech Claps & Snares

    $9.95 $4.95

    ‘Compact Series: Layered Deep Tech Claps & Snares’ features 100 pro-crafted single clap and snare sounds from big EDM hits, pre-shifted and analogue claps to acoustic and old school snares this collection covering a wide range of musical genres.

    Engineered and processed with multiple layers, each and every sound will instantly provide more color and punch to your final mix.

    If you’re looking for crispy clap and snare sounds then look no further, as ‘Compact Series: Layered Deep Tech Claps & Snares’ covers your musical needs.

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  • Compact Series: Key Labeled Kicks


    ‘Compact Series: Key Labelled Kicks’ features 95 key labelled, punchy, bass-woofer destroying kick drums built for prime time electronic Dance music production.

    If you’re looking for that perfect bottom end fit, this might be the answer to your prayers. Designed with a modern production techniques, these drum kicks will boost your bottom end to the max.

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  • Compact Series: Digital Synthwave


    ‘Compact Series: Digital Synthwave’ is a small and compact but yet very effective sample pack for those who are in need for an authentic late ’80s sounds.

    This sample pack is all about warmth analogue synths, lush pads, bright keys and Moog-esque arpeggiated bass sounds.

    Each loop contains MIDI file for maximum programming ease and flexibility. Just fire up your favourite synth and layer the sounds together as you want to.

    All of the loops are presented at 115 BPM and ready to be loaded into any DAW. All loops are WAV format, tempo & key labelled.

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  • French & Disco House 4


    Frenchman CEV’s is back with another installment of French & Disco House!

    Fourth collection in the series delivers jazzy, groovy and funk’ed sounds for your next studio project.

    Loaded with filtered and perfectly chopped synth sounds, groovin’ blues and jazz fragments, chunky guitars, romantic sax, dusty piano chords, percussive drums and much more!

    As an addition extra loops of Bass, Music and Drum Loops has been also added to this pack.

    French & Disco House 4 is ready to spark your creativity up!

    All sounds in this pack are completely 100% royalty free and ready for drag and drop action in any DAW.

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  • Variavision: Soulful & Tech House Vocals


    ‘Soulful & Tech House Vocals’ from Bingoshakerz delivers Soulful & Tech House vocals primed for every sub-genre of House. Totaling 72 processed vocal loops & chops, from soulful to deep and Tech, this sample pack contains killer collection of vocal chops for instant topline hooks and groove.

    If you’re looking for that next funky and groovy vocal element, look no further than ‘Soulful & Tech House Vocals’ by Variavision and discover this essential selection of 72 pitched, processed and expertly chopped vocal tools.

    The vocal chops are presented at 120, 121 & 122 BPM and provided in pristine 16-Bit WAV format quality.

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  • Label Sampler Pack


    Please feel free to download our latest Label Sampler Pack!

    1,500 of highest quality audio samples & loops produced by our in-house and guest producers. Hand-picked sounds from 27 best-selling label titles.

    This pack covers a huge variety of genres and it’s a must-have for any aspiring house music producer!

    Please NOTE: Download file size is 1.85 Gb.

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  • Variavision: Classic House


    ‘Variavision: Classic House’ is packed with over 500 MB of Classic & Deep House sounds.

    This collection features deep & analogue bass loops, no-kick top grooves & percussion, pulsating filter loops, Jazzy & Classical M1 piano keys, dusty stabs, old-school synth and pad sounds, vocal hooks, FX loops and so much more.

    Inspired by classical and Jazzy House, but mixed with modern music production techniques, this collection is a real must have for any House music producer.

    Totaling 471 of individual drum hits and loops presented in WAV format at 120-123 BPM, these samples are ready to be imported in any DAW or sampler.

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  • Stephane Deschezeaux: Rare Funk Collection


    ‘Stephane Deschezeaux: Rare Funk Collection’ from the head of Springbok Records, Stephane Deschezeaux, delivers a real vintage Funk & Disco time machine. This pack brings you back to the old days with analogue bass loops, shimmering synth & lead loops, authentic drum fills, punchy drum loops, bright pianos, talkbox vocals, FX, loads of one-shots & MIDI.

    This collection is packed with 300 MB of pure vintage sounds. Each musical loop has been expertly crafted and presented together with a MIDI file for maximum programming ease.

    All sounds and loops are delivered in WAV format and are set to take a serious action in any DAW.

    With over 20 years of experience in music production, A&R and music business, Stephane Deschezeaux brings out his magnificent studio techniques & sound to this collection.

    Get ready for serious Funk injection.

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  • French & Disco House 3


    ‘French & Disco House 3’ is packed with over 300 MB of Jazzy, Funky & filtered Blues sounds, sparking your creativity in seconds. 100 professionally crafted loops blends the best sound of old days Funk, Blues & ’80s.

    Each loop has been expertly chopped and processed with modern production techniques.

    ‘French & Disco House 3′ loaded with filtered Disco synths, catchy vocal-hooks, flamenco & bluesy guitars, slammin’ trombone & sax sounds, Jazzy piano & string loops and so much more.

    If you’re looking for perfectly sampled, mixed and matched old school Funk & Bluesy loops, look no further.

    All sounds in this pack are completely 100% Royalty-Free, tempo-synced, key labelled and ready for drag and drop action in any DAW.

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